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World Cup Records

May 29, 2019
ICC Cricket World Cup is the longest running and the most prestigious competition in the sports. Born in 1975, the tournament has come a long with many greats - of their time and all time - gracing the event during its past 11 editions. Subsequently, the tournament owns its own closet of records with quite a few great names listed at the top in various shelves of that closet.
Here's a quick look at some of the most followed records in Cricket World Cups


WORLD CUP 2019 TEAMS REVIEW - PART 3 : The Momentum Look

May 28, 2019
Summarizing how 2019 Cricket World Cup participants have performed against each other in last 4 years versus in the last 2 years


WORLD CUP 2019 TEAMS REVIEW - PART 2 : Since ICC Champions Trophy 2017

May 28, 2019
Narrowing down the period for our Review of 2019 World Cup participants – on the basis of their Win-Loss Ratio – to last 2 years, more specifically since the last ICC event, here is a look at how teams have scored during this period.

and here’s how each team has done against other opponents since ICC Champions Trophy 2017


WORLD CUP 2019 TEAMS REVIEW - PART 1 : World Cup Runners Against Each Other Since 2015 World Cup

May 23, 2019
Right, so we are into the final week before ICC Cricket World Cup and the customary World Cup fever has just kicked in.

There’s no more Cricket to talk about for the next one week, leaving the fans around the world with nothing but ample time to take out their microscopes and analyze the teams participating in the contest through various statistical views, angles and dimensions.

Is there any right statistical view that could provide definitive evaluation of the teams participating in the World Cup 2019? The simple answer is, no – unless resorting to such methods and algorithms that become too complicated for a common fan to comprehend. Instead, there are quite a few popular views to benchmark the contestants of the World Cup.

One of such scenario is analysis of teams since the last World Cup. To make it even more relevant, let’s take look at the teams, specifically, against each other since the last World Cup, held in 2015.

That pretty much reflects the form of participating teams amongst each other in the last 4 years.

Moving on, let’s take a quick look at how teams have fared against the other 9 teams in this period, starting with Pakistan


Caught Behind - 23 May 2019 - WC 2019 Special - W/L Analyis


England vs Pakistan ODI Series 2019 - Bowling Analysis

May 20, 2019
The series termed as the full-dress rehearsal of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is over. It provided 4 days of run fest with 7 out of 8 completed innings going well above the 300 runs mark.

In such a high scoring series, bowling looked the harder of the traits and – to an extent – eventually deciding the fate of the series as well. Here’s a quick recap of bowling performance from both the teams

Leading bowlers in the series by STRIKE RATE:

Leading bowlers in the series by BOWLING AVERAGE:

Leading bowlers in the series by ECONOMY:

Leading bowlers in the series by DOT BALL PERCENTAGE:

Leading bowlers in the series by BOUNDARY PERCENTAGE:


Caught Behind - 19 May 2019 - #ENGvPAK 5th ODI Review


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