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Cricket - a game of unusually high amount of stats and numbers. Why?

Cricket is a game rich of stats and numbers. If one watches a game of Cricket on TV, follow it online or come across a discussion of fans or experts, it may look and sound like its not sports but some stock exchange or financial reports that is under discussion. Compared to other sports, Cricket clearly carries much more stats and numbers than any other game and there are reasons to it.

All sports revolve around certain point scoring 'events' within a 'game' and its the final sum of those points earned through creating those 'events' that decides the winner or loser of a 'game' of that sports. Almost all of the team sports, except Cricket, are designed in a way where it needs the team or at leat multiple players to register such an 'event'. 

For example in football, to create the 'event' of scoring a goal, a team almost always need more than one player to create that 'event'. Then, there are also sports like baseball where the team competition also includes multiple one-on-one sub-competitions between individual players - the pitcher and the batter in baseball - to create a point scoring 'event'. But like in baseball's example, the length and impact of such sub-competitions is usually very small which leaves very little margin for the 'impact of individual performance' to impact on the overall outcome of the competition. 

That's where Cricket is a different sports. Except for non-direct-hit run outs or scoring runs other than boundaries, almost all other 'events' in the game rely on 'the impact of individual performance' to score an 'event' for the team. That is exactly why Cricket-screen is always loaded with so many stats and numbers and why it plays such a dominant role in defining the value of an individual performer. 

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