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Pakistan Cricket - A Nursery or Butchery?

Since 2012, in the space of 4 years, Pakistan Cricket team has crashed out before the knock out stage of an ICC event four out of four times. Before that, Pakistan had made it to the Semi Finals of all 6 ICC events between 2007 and 2012.

Failure is the closest companion of any sportsman. Defeats are as much a natural and common outcome as victories. Nothing wrong in getting defeated. What requires attention is the method not the result itself. If you fail less times than being successful, no need to bother much about it. But if failure starts to become your second identity, it warrants an indepth, focused and unbiased self assessment.

What is the main reason of this recent trend in Pakistan Cricket? Is it a case of draught of talent? Is it the case that Pakistan is simply not producing the raw talent any more?
No its not the case. Even during this period from 2012 onwards, many Pakistani youngsters broke into the top scenes and made even International audience notice and applause for their talent and ability. But those rookie performers kept getting fizzled out of the scene and the team, leaving behind the usual names and faces that have stuck to Pakistani team sheets for quite some time.

It only leads to one conclusion. Its not the land that has gone infertile but its the system and setup that has reached to that level that it simply can not re-produce the world beaters any more. To put it into perspective, its not really a case of infertility but more of a case of miscarriage (of talent) due to handling of some 'quack doctors' ( quack administrators in this case).

Just like a wrongly or completely unqualified doctor would always almost end up quaifying as a butcher rather than messiah, the Pakistan board and its patrons are handling the fertility of this Cricket-rich land in the same way. As a result, the reproduction of Cricketing talent has simply stopped.

The Cricket setup in Pakistan is behaving more like a butcher of talent rather than a nurturer and care taker of it. It has to stop before someone else discovers the method in this madness and decides to act earlier than them. 

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