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Not a lot of changes in ICC Team Rankings after this year's annual update

Its that time of the year when ICC Team Rankings change overnight. On 1 May every year, ICC normalizes its ranking data to ensure the rankings reflect a standing based on more recent form of International teams. On this date, performance in any matches took place earlier than 3 years gets discarded from the calculations while the weightage of all performances between the last annual update and the 12 months before that is reduced to half.

In the past, Cricket world has witnessed quite a few changes in the rankings table as a result of such annual ranking updates. However, this year’s annual update is expected to bring much lesser number of changes in the team standings. There will still be quite a few eye-catching changes in the ratings of teams but the rankings overall rankings in ODIs and T20Is are expected to remain pretty much the same.

In ODI format, after the annual update of ICC ODI Rankings, the rankings of only 4 - out of 12 officially ranked ODI teams by ICC - are expected to change. England will replace India as the leader of the pack - India will drop to number 2 - while New Zealand and South Africa will swap places at number 3 and 4. Rest of the team rankings will remain the same. READ MORE

In T20I format, the annual update of ICC T20I Rankings is going to bring similar changes. South Africa and England will swap places at number 5 and 6. Afghanistan will leap over Sri Lanka at number 8, Scotland might* replace Bangladesh at number 10 and Netherlands might* swap places with Zimbabwe at 12 and 13. (In case of minor teams who have not a played enough matches as compared to Test Playing Nations, ICC may apply special formulas to allocate the final rating points). READ MORE

Overall, there will be no change of more than one position in either ODI or T20I rankings of the top Cricketing nations in the world.. The ranking of Pakistan, Australia and West Indies will see no change after the annual update of ICC ODI and T20I Rankings.

All future calculations are for indicative purposes only & are based on information publicly available about Rankings formulas & rankings at different points in time; minor variation with official update is possible
Official status to be shared ICC in coming weeks.

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